Quick Click

Online Classroom Quiz Game

Teachers assess their students in a custom online gameshow!
Students compete to improve their learning!

Quick Click is an online application where teachers can create quizzes, decide the answers, and log or analyze learning. To create a custom program of learning and assessment that is easy to use, and easy to play. With classroom quiz tournaments of more than 40 people, or solo study for at-a-glance assessment. Learning becomes as easy as the click of a button, so be “quick”!

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PC · Smartphone · Tablet
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School-dedicated site available
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Private reporting capabilities
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Prof. Osamu Ikeda
Kyoto Tachibana University
Associate Professor of Human Development in the Children's Department of Education

Creator's Message:
Learning should be fun. By making your own quizzes, and competing with friends, learning can become play. That’s Quick Click.